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This is Wordbrew. So strap in. If you think you're too short to ride this ride...fuck it, ride it anyway. Cause if you like coffee, beer, the written word, technology, anime, the fucking cosmos, superpowers and ice cream, then this is the site for you. I'm a writer and web designer as well as a bunch of other shenanigans, and this is my highly caffeinated brain dump. Enjoy.
Feb  12
Welcome to The Brew of Words

Well not JUST words (cue the exhilarating drum buildup…)

It’s a blog! It’s got photos! Illustrations! Words!¬†Other random shit I find in the couch cushions of my mind! And it’s chock full of extraneous exclamation points!!!!!


You’ll never know what you find in here. But I guarantee you it will be tangential, coffee fueled, (sometimes beer, sometimes BOTH!) and since the slant of my brain¬†tilts about 45 degrees on any given night, a bit askew.

One Response to Welcome to The Brew of Words

  1. Mindy says:

    I am so proud of you!

    The site looks amazing and I am very excited that you are going to share all of your talent with the world.

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