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The Fiction. It's composed of words. These words are supposed to make sense. On good days these words gel into a cohesive mix of brain combusting awesome. On bad days I want to shove a pen up into my brainstem. The only thing I promise is that the following fiction (poetry, plays, crap I scratched on a napkin, etc...) will definitely be composed of words.
Feb  24

By Christopher Shiner


Her face is like

Melting pavement.


Pissed off hot,


I’m afraid

if I attempt to touch it,


I would only succeed in

Smearing the asphalt.


Disfiguring her further.

One-Act Play

The Fifth Wall

The Fifth Wall” has been staged by The Specific Gravity Ensemble in Louisville, KY as part of “The 5/7 Project”, which also included the one-act play “Sevens” written by Christie Baugher.  It had also previously been produced and performed by The IUS Theatre department as part of their Director’s Showcase.