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Jun  25

By Christopher Shiner

I can cook a poem many different ways
But usually I like to set my mind on medium heat
flip it around in the skillet
and let it sizzle in its juices for awhile.
There are all sorts of tricks I use to tell if it’s done enough.

Mostly though, I just poke it with my finger,
see how much give it has.
Too much and I know I’ve undercooked it.
If it looks too pink and raw I throw it back in the pan.
Too little means I’ve overdone it
So I try to pick off the crispy parts
and see if I can salvage the good stuff in the middle.

There are times when it seems
like it will never get done.
Till finally I’m forced to serve it as is,
and hope it tastes alright.

Then there are times
when I’ve had the heat on too high
the poem on for too long
and it becomes so burnt that it’s unsalvageable.

Those I throw in the dumpster out back.
That is until I run out of ingredients.

Then I have to go back and scavenge through the refuse…

See if I missed something tasty.

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