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Feb  12

By Christopher Shiner


I took my mind out for a walk

One hot Tuesday.

It would wet itself whenever it saw a sexy idea

Walking on the other side of the street.


It would yip and strain against its leash

Spraying me with brain piss

As it tried to shake me loose

In pursuit of that elusive flash of insight.


I dug my heels into the gravel trying to reign it in

Scared of what it might do if I let go.

But my hands were sweaty from the nighttime heat

And the horny bastard broke free.


Fucker was fast too!

Once it was free of its leash

It caught up to that epiphany and held on tight

Humping it like it was its last chance to get laid.


Now I have all sorts of little ideas prancing around

Tails in the air, begging for my attention.

My brain is ready to bang them too!

It is completely without shame.


Incestuous prick.

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